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Putting Foot Films For The Pool With Their Hands

We build a pool with our hands

Строим бассейн своими рукамиFirst, the location of the watermelon needs to be determined, and it is necessary to do so at the design stage of the cottage. There are two main options: the garden and the interior.

In fact, the operation of the open basin is very limited. Although specialists believe that if we have a water heating system, we can enjoy swimming in fresh air until late autumn. In the open air, many owners of suburban cottages in the Primorsky and Habarov provinces have already been engaged.

By choosing a pool site for the landing area, pay attention to the fact that there are no leaves in the water from the nearest trees. The pool could be set up underweight, but there were other solutions to the problem. Like a plastic pavilion. The design of directional profiling enables even one person to move and spread segments easily.

Строим бассейн своими рукамиAll sections were processed with special technology No. Drop, which leaves rain drops outside and condensate on the inside. It makes the walls of pavilion transparent in any weather and in any humidity. A special Isosolar film, which is equipped with air cameras, may be another option for basin coating.

The cover is placed on the water mirror by cameras down (to water). So the sun rays heat the air in the film cameras, and the flow of heat from the air cells to water occurs when water is circulating.Строим бассейн своими руками The coating is another option for basin cover, which is long-term, durable and easy to manage. In this case, you don't have to fold the coat or roll the handle, just one button compression.

It must be remembered that the right-wing surface not only protects your pool from pollution, but also saves energy, and reduces water evaporation and reduces the cost of flooding.
Basin benefits in the interface:

  • The possibility of use at any time;
  • More simple services;
  • I don't need a winter training.

Bassein in the house is limited to its area and requires a more thorough device, which makes this option more expensive. The house pool is comfortable with sauna, shower and recreation.


The more the pool, the more comfortable it is. The definition of size requires a compromise solution. Those who intend only to " splash " in the basin may be limited to 4-5 m and 1, 2 m deep. If you're going to swim and practice, it doesn't make sense to build or buy a pool of less than 6-7 m long.
Строим бассейн своими руками Acquisition of more than 10 to 12 metres in length is considered by the specialists to be inappropriate because of a sharp increase in costs, with a slight increase in consumer values. The pool width usually equals half its length. Many have the impression that the basin depth should be about 2 m after they visit sports basins. However, deepening the pool is even more expensive than expanding it, and the advantages of deep depth are questionable. The depths of 1, 2 to 1, 5 m are sufficient for navigation.

Basin form

Of course, the pool should not have a standard rectangular form. The directors suggest that stereotypes be abandoned and that the following forms of tea be actively used:

  • rectangular
  • Oval
  • with Roman steps
  • kidney
  • round
  • 8-strong

Blocks with ejected forms require a special solution to the problem of water intake, their construction is more difficult.

Андрей Пикулев, технический директор ООО «Водный мир» Строим бассейн своими руками Строим бассейн своими руками Строим бассейн своими руками

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