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Moscow Basins Moscow Basins

We only use the best equipment! You can buy any pool equipment, like a unique SilverBox water disinfection system, 100% without chlorine. Water disinfection in the pool, without chlorine, real! Perfect water quality with Oxymatic. Once treated, water is comparable to drinking, and no chemical is used as a reflex. More efficient than ozone, chlorine, atomar oxygen. The copper absorption technology was developed by NASA engineers in space programmes for the decontamination of drinking water. This product is very popular, as it ensures the high quality of water disinfection in…

Installation Of Basins And Sauna In Catherineburg Installation Of Basins And Sauna In Catherineburg

1. Very low heat - vapour - gasproofness - (There are no thermal insulation materials at the basin stage, as the low thermal conductivity of the polypropylene cup contributes to the maintenance of stable water temperatures, which allows the water of the warm basin, electricity savings and heater T. Prospect glass mosaic - excellent sequential material to create original interior interfaces. Most of these are water, swimming and sanusles. Many producers have a coloured, transparent mosaic in their range, but unfortunately none of them pay attention to the characteristics of their…