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In the summer heat, I'd like to freshen up and dine into cool water, but there's not always a way to go to the beach. Set up the Intex Frame Pool carcasal pool in your lucky precinct or in the courtyard of the private house and bathe in the whole family. Models are wide-ranging. There are round, oval and rectangular. In large pools of 10 l and more, we can even play water volleyball and basketball. Lower size models allow multiple people to swim simultaneously.

Carcasses Dairy pools INTEX is an excellent alternative to fixed. They are more affordable, reliable, safe and durable. Shelters are made of particularly solid metal, and walls are made of high-tech and enduring SUPER-TOUGH. The installation is intuitive for everyone, so it can be done on its own without attracting professionals. A minimum set of technical tools is required and takes no more than 1 hour. It doesn't even have to be prepared specifically, but it's enough to choose a level horizontal surface.

Many Intex carcasal basins are supplied together with water treatment and decontamination systems, and are staffed with substrate, tent and staircases. It is possible to order separately a water heater that heated the covers, the protective tract and other accessories that make the product more comfortable.

The INTEXcorp Internet store offers you to buy the Intex carcass pool with delivery to Moscow and Russia. We also have a self-export point. In our catalogue, you can choose a suitable model and create your own water on your own so that the holiday seasons are bright and interesting!

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