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Intex Children Intex Children

The four-wheeled Raduga is perfect for child and family rest at the countryside. The comfortable and bright pool will not only become an indispensable summer recreation attribute, but also an original addition to the landscape design of the site. The pool s not going to blow. The excellent features of Intex products are quality, aesthetic, functionality and modern design. Recreation and comfort products Intex are inflatable pools, carcasal pools, arcs and bouts, sailing accessories, air boats, air mattresses and beds

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Children Children

Everyone knows the good of swimming. It strengthens, drowns, promotes immunity, removes tension and stress. It is particularly important to swim in a pool for children. But swimming like sports isn t about every child. For these, we have good news that the activity in the childrens basins of the Lyder Land in Novosibirsk will also have a beneficial effect on the organism. We invite our parents to visit the real Russian baths. It s fun. If your little boy is afraid of water or doesn t like to spray, bring him to us! Thanks to the interesting water mountains, your baby won t want…

Children ' S Fund Children ' S Fund

On 1 June, on the day of child protection, the Lubank Central Childrens Centre will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a major celebration. The main attribute will build a large dry pool filled with balloons and blowing toys, reported by Lentaru to the CDM press service. Jubilee events will take place under the slogan, and will last until 4 June. Every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., children and adults are waiting for a saturated entertainment program. Children will be entertained by animators under the Childrens Radio, they will be served by candy, candy and drinks. In honor…

Children ' S Basins Intex Children ' S Basins Intex

Most of these products are made of plastic or vinyl. Simple air basins are very popular, especially for very small children. How are the children s inflatable pools? Modern childrens arc basins for children have a set of standards that identify, the childrens basin and meet most of the following requirements: water depth of not more than 1 m; product height or breadth of less than 4, 5 m; no filtering system; design specifically for child use. Most importantly, in these characteristics, inflatable childrens basins distinguish between the lack of a filtering system and design…

Children ' S Intex Children ' S Intex

What a child doesn t dream of his own pool! The child s inflatable reservoir will solve all the problems. It s important to choose a children s pool to protect their child from trauma. Form and size. Childrens arc basins tend to be small. There is no special size range for childrens basins, but that does not mean that the best model can be found in advance. For example, the size of intex childrens basins is shown in a separate catalogue of intex with pools and inflated toys. Childrens basins are produced not only in the form of tea and baths, they can take the form of fun animals…