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Did anyone make a swimming pool
Бассейн на даче, осуществлЕм мечту, фото примеров

This summer concrete lill. They made a friend a non-examination pool.
Dimensions 3, 5x5, 5x2.
Yama was digging a ground cop. Worked for two days. The technician could not have been used, like a cool lawn.
It's a concrete stove, it's rabshaped. After they asked for more money now, the master fired everyone and appointed himself the chief builder.
After that, I was involved in work, so info is from the front desk.

The walls are a prefabricated non-removable deck from the foam, for the houses (a special pool, a bruisely expensive one). They've been in four sessions, four days. There's a concrete pandaus on the top (or what's rightly called) in the general width, 60 cm thickness, at least 15 cm. Under the pandus, outside the betone cup, deep and wide, sands, and foamed on the sand.
The deck outside (directly foam) is covered by acrylic hydrosulation physics (I don't understand why, but they said it was necessary).
The water is running some sort of skimmer device, and I haven't seen it, but the holes underneath the tube in the concrete. He's on the project on the top, so the concrete cup is full, without the holes for the discharge.

I wasn't involved in the work, but I'm familiar with the project.
From the inside, the foam shall be stacked by a special scapula, followed by a special film which shall be welded by a special person.
The bethon pandaus is a natural granite.
This whole thing is being put on a polycarbonate moving partner.

Fill it for 1, 5, 2 days.

In my case, an artisanal well and a pump of 3 cubes per hour. It took seven hours at the arrival.

It's almost 24 hours.

Judging by the juncture of the drain pipe that was set up under the plum, the skimmer makes it faster.

It remains to be added that the workshop, known as the basins throughout the Poruzer and the Selectrg region of Len regions, has been monitored. He is. built the pool. Igor, similar project.

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