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On Tuesday, 27 June, the Capital Construction Administration announced a tender for the construction of the Sports Palace at the Central Station in Kaluga. Applications shall be adopted before 14 July, and the outcome will be summarized on 17 July, from the documentation published on the Goss Procurement website.

The maximum value of the contract is 3 billion,764 million roubles. The funds will be allocated from the regional budget. However, most of the amount, more than 3 billion, is scheduled to be paid only in 2019 when the object is to be surrendered.

As we have said, the Sports Palace project was developed in 2014. It is planned that the compound will consist of a 50-metre and 25-metre basin, a water jump pool, a 3-5,000-bed ice ankle, a 250-block regional sportsmen ' s temporary residence, a 300-band conference room, a training room, a dance hall, a playground room, a Fitness Hall.

February of this year Governor Anatoly ARTAMONOV He said that there were 4,6 billion roubles for the building of the Palace, and that he would build an object in 1, 5 years. In April, the head of the region renamed the same cost, while claiming that no one wants to build that money.

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