Pool Supply and Maintenance

Composite Delivery Pools

How do you set up a composite pool for the dacha?
Дачные композитные бассейны, цены на бассейны для дачи

The Bassina-Spahrf hypermarket offers to buy composite basins at favourable prices. The broad choice of models, sizes and configurations allows for optimum delivery or peri-urban. Such basins are characterized by:

  • High strength;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • Simple in the installation.

The basins are based on quality glazing and various polymer resins and composites. At the same time, the tip walls have many layers that hold high loads. The use of composite materials makes the basin ' s ease, and it sustains temperature changes. The product is suitable for round-trip use.

Such models can be installed anywhere on the site. To this end, the foundation of the composite basin must be prepared at present. It is a qualification, which is slightly larger than the mounted cup. There is a cushion and sand cushion underneath and a gravia drain. This may then be followed by the installation of the cup and the sand and ground on the perimeter.

Key benefits of composite basins for delivery:

  • High hull strength. It is resistant to acid and salt, as well as temperature and ground movements;
  • Simulation, durability and inability to maintain;
  • Perfectly flat surface of the cup without stitches;
  • The possibility of using modern water treatment techniques. For example, chlorine-free treatment can be applied;
  • Diversity of models, sizes and forms;
  • Additional equipment (lighting, hydromassage, etc.).

It is worth noting that the production process pools It's rather complicated, so they're more expensive than similar polyethylene models. However, it is important to bear in mind that glass-plastic pools require much less cotton when installing and operating, which makes them the best choice for dacha.

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