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Responses to frequently asked questions by clients
Скиммер для бассейна: достоинства, устройство и особенности монтажа

We often ask questions about the design, construction and installation of the pool. On the most common of these issues, we will try to respond more closely:

What pool is better? Straight or skimful?

You've heard of tidal and skimful swimming pools, but you don't know what pool is best built. Where do you get it, in the house or outside? What about a house fit or a future bath? And you're also very interested in what. Cost of construction under the key and what water quality will be in it. In order to fully understand the issue, let us consider both options for a concrete pool.

Twin pool. The cycling of water in bulk basins is carried out through the continuous supply of filtered, heating and disinfected water through the forsuke, which is located in the bottom of the basin, followed by the water transfusion through the side of a special receiver, from where, through a self-propelled manifold, water enters the tank for further extraction of the pump for filtering and treatment. This is the closed turnover of water, and as it transfuses overboard the pool and the name is the overflower type. During the operation of the recharge basin, about 80 per cent of the contamination is accumulated in the upper layer of water, and when it is overboard equally across the perimeter of the bath, pollution is removed faster. The overflow principle is used in the construction of public pools, where there are many visitors (basin loading) and, accordingly, a large number of polluting pools. We note that the recharge basin fits into the design of the premises, since it has a level of water at one level with the floor, and a decorative grid covering the tide, underlines the boundaries of the basin. At cost, the bulky pool is 20 to 30 per cent more expensive than the skilled pool because it requires additional technological solutions in the installation of water circulation systems and its location. A rather complex and demanding factor is the installation of a tank (accumulative capacity) which should be located below the water level in the basin and have the necessary volume for the discharge of the water from the basin. The tank height shall correspond to the gradient of the transfusion tube from the blade and the current rate of the water in the collector shall be 0, 8m/s. Such nuances are very limited to the possibility of installing pools where the client wants, and therefore the cost of construction and installation of the pool equipment is increasing.

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