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Bassin In The House With His Hands

Construction of the pool with its hands

Выбираем место для постройки бассейна в загородном домеIf you weren't happy to have a river or a lake outside the country house, and you'd want to swim, you'd better think about the pool. Bassin is not a hole in the ground, but a complex technological structure. So that he's always happy with a transparent clean water, let's see some of the major mistakes that can be made in the construction of it to avoid them.

The technology is based on the design of the construction and, if there is a mistake in the design of the basin, it will not last long. This is the first major mistake, the wrong preparatory work. Consider that the work on the basin begins with the design. Before project work begins, the depth of the project should be determined, as the wishes of all family members should be taken into account. Don't ignore the interests of the others.Бетон для бассейна, какой лучше Make a compromise and build a pool that meets everyone. Standard European depth is 1-1.65.

It is also necessary to determine where the pool will be located on the street or in the room. We still need to figure out what kind of pool is a plastic, concrete, or a concrete with a stripper. The advantages of each of the pools are theirs, you just have to figure out what you like. Afterwards, define equipment, territory, depth and move on: design, construction, final work.

One of the main mistakes in construction is when people make a large basement, and it's decided to build two walls adjacent to each other and an empty space to use under the pool. It is important to take into account the fact that the linear deformation of the foundation under the basin and at the house is different and, as a rule, cracks and such a pool flow. The pool should be designed so that it has no connection to the walls and is separated from them. The base must be built separately. Fundation can move and narrow in contact with water, and if it doesn't take into account, cracks and micro-pests can emerge that the pool will pass water.

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