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Bassine In The Yard With His Hands

How do you build a pool with your hands?

I want to rest. Go to the lake. What if there's no lake? Or the water in this lake is dirty. The simplest way is to build your own pool. It's not easy. We need to know how to do this, understand the incenses and take into account the nuances. Clearly, there'll be specialists digging the pool. But control them, follow the process, this article will help you.

How, from which materials and in which sequence we build the pool, we'll tell our readers in the nearest editions of the magazine. Thus, the basin is a complex hydrotechnical structure in which the recycling and filtering of water is ongoing and permanent decontamination is carried out. Open and closed basins vary depending on location and design. By design level, the basins are divided into fully loaded (downstream of floor or land), partially loaded and superficial. The latter are usually light prefabricated pools of individual use.

By designation, basins are classified as public and private
Public use databases which are subdivided by:

  1. Sports - integrated facilities for training and competition in one or more sports, including aquaparks;
  2. Hospitals are pools at clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums and other treatment and prevention facilities. It is intended to carry out therapeutic gymnastics, therapeutic bathing and navigation.

Private bases - individual use. They are designed individually in accordance with the personal requirements of the customer. The size, shape, separation and assembly are determined solely by the wishes, taste and material capacity of the customer. He's deciding how to use the pool and where to put it better.

By way of water circulation, swimming pools are skilled and tidy.

Skimmer - in this case, the water from the basin surface goes to the filtration facility through the special windows of the water-proofers of the Immers. The number of inches depends on the size of the basin, its area and volume.

Typical - in this case, the water from the basin surface falls into the bulkheads near the basin along its perimeter, then it enters the compensatory capacity and from there to the filter unit. The transfusion system is more complex than the skilled one, but it is more efficient, more prestigious for private basins, and for the public it is necessary.

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