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Carcass Pool With Its Hands

Подготовительные работыCarcass basins are now one of the most popular pools that compete with fixed hydrotechnical structures. Their main advantage is the affordable cost, simplicity and speed of assembly. The value of the product depends on several parameters: design type, country of manufacture and equipment. There is, however, one unifying advantage: all carcasing basins with their hands can gather any man without special effort for just one day.

When selecting the basin model, attention is drawn to the most appropriate dimensions of the product, design type and equipment. For our climate zone, the freeze of all elements and components will be an important indicator.

Carcasses are built from a loaded structure, usually from aluminium. The carcass is fitted with a special reinforced liner with heavy loads.Каркасные бассейны своими руками Large compounds ensure the stability and reliability of the design.

Preparatory work

The following parameters need to be met before the carcasing installation begins:

  • The surface of the ground for the installation of the carcasing basin shall be as smooth as possible, with no significant gradient, vagina and swelling.
  • The glass shall be strong and firm to withstand the mass of the water-filled carcass pool.
  • It is not recommended that a pool be placed on the inclined surface or on the platform.
  • The carcasing basin cannot be installed on glynium, sand or pulmonary soil.
  • As the pool ' s equipment operates from electricity, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the transmission of the network to a distance equal to the length of the plug to connect the pump.

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