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Bethon Pool With Its Hands

Build is not the easy thing to do, especially if it's a concrete pool. However, with certain skills in construction, as well as non-cash patience, it is possible to create a recreational area at its site. In the hot weather, the pool will be a place to relax and at the same time steal the outside. The pool will look great next to the rock garden, the alpine mountain and other decorative elements of the garden. In this article, we'll tell you how to make a concrete pool with our hands on the day, give us a step-by-step instruction, and videos and photos.

Merits and shortcomings

Beton pool plus and minus

Before we build a concrete pool, we need to know in advance about its pros and cons. The main virtue of such a design is that it is solid and affordable. Construction will only require concrete, hydro-isolating materials and separation.

Not enough concrete design in her stats. You can't move that pool. And if there are any mistakes in the construction, then the pool will have to be completely rebuilt.


General information on concrete basins in video format:

How to build

The concrete base is built in several stages:

  • First, we need to find the best place on the precinct. The base shall not be located where leaves and branches fall. Otherwise he'll have to be cleaned up all the time. It would also be better to prevent him from falling into the shadows. It is desirable that the design be brought closer to communication systems, because the pool needs water, as well as plums.
  • When the place is chosen, we need to consider all the details of the construction. The first thing to be determined is the future size and shape of the pool. It's easier to make it round or rectangular. In some cases, however, the master creates more complex forms. It should be about 15 to 20 square metres in size. Making it less than 15 square metres in the square is pointless.
  • Once the pool plan has been drawn up, we need to mark the place and set the rings on the edges.

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