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Construction Of A Block Basin With Its Hands

Строительство бассейнов своими руками из блоков - Бассейн в

The construction of a pool of foams or concrete blocks is very strong for anyone who wants to build a pool with their hands, without attracting or with minimal participation. A very good help in the construction of the block basin will be a ready set of necessary for the construction of the cup and for its hydro-isolation. Regardless of what material you're going to use to build a pool wall, a ready construction kit will save time and money. This universal set includes:

  • Imperial device;
  • Armourage;
  • Forsuki, mortgages, flange knots;
  • pump;
  • filters;
  • The stairs;
  • The street film.

These building blocks for any pool will allow you to build a full artificial water as soon as possible. Once you complete the chashing, its hydro-isolation and wall construction work, it is possible to proceed to the most pleasant and creative part of the building of the basin, its decoration and the separation of submarine or on-board lights, fountains, mountains and other accessories.

Basin construction The following materials may be used in blocks:

  • foams;
  • concrete blocks.

Each of these materials has a number of differences and advantages that need to be taken into account before finalizing which blocks you will be used to build the basin. If not fully aware of the characteristics and nuances of foam and concrete work, it would be better to consult specialists first.

The foams are small in large dimensions, so that a very small amount of time is needed for the basin, with a literate approach and technology at each stage. Another important advantage of foam-polistyre blocks is their universality, allowing the basin to be constructed of any configuration, such as a oval basin with a Roman staircase. High heating foam-saving foam will help you save water heat in the pool and maintain its temperature at a comfort level for a long period of time.

The use of concrete blocks for the construction of the basin ' s walls will not be a problem for any amateur builder. Bethon, as a material known for a long time, is very popular in a variety of construction and repairs, and its properties are well known to all. It is solid, reliable and durable, simple and easy to perform sequential work.

You can order foams or concrete blocks together with other materials and components in the finished construction kit or purchase them separately.

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