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Construction Of Uljanovsk Basins

Ulyanovsk - News City

The University of Ulianov has prepared a contract for 476,000 roubles with the Provedor for the capital construction of UlGTU Praskovia Zawarzina, according to which the Projector undertakes the organization of university services to serve as a customer and developer of the health complex with a basin in the university. Such a scheme was required to obtain federal financing for construction. Construction is planned before the elections.

swimmers-79592_640Attempts to obtain federal funding for the polio basin have been made annually since 2010, but failed a year after year. Priority has always been given to other educational institutions. In particular, the Uljanovsk UlGTU precede the pedo. Ms. Zawarzina linked this situation to the political dimension in the distribution of money. No one moves until the party says yes. Now the bouncer hit us. The FOCA project with the basin has long been ready at the university, but only to break the vicious circle associated with the cost-benefit assessment procedure agreed in Moscow. It is in this task that the university has given money — Ms. Zawarzina ' s task is to obtain all the necessary agreements in Moscow. If they are received, Construction of a basin May begin in the second half of 2016. Check the news.

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