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The Bassin Is In His Hands With Photos

The bassine's on his hands.

Бассейн на даче своими руками фото пошаговоEvaluation: 4, 00 (voices: )

I want to open a secret for you. It's not necessary to have a conversation with the mangall and the like to rest on the day. Today, our specialists from the Remont and Squad will tell you how to build.

For many years, people have stereotyped that The pool. It's impossible, or at least very difficult, but it's not.

First thing we need to find the right place for a water tank. The following paragraphs should be taken into account here:
♪ It is not recommended that the basin be located at that location, the distance from surface to groundwater is between half and a whole metre.
♪ Don't put a pool near the plants. They can disrupt the integrity of the pool. In addition, there will be branches and kidneys that will in turn spoil water.
♪ If possible, set a pool on glinist soil. She'll serve as a good hydrosulation.
♪ Watch the wind. He's gonna get trash together. The pool needs to be scattered so that the trash can be easily removed.

Бассейн на даче своими руками фото пошаговоInspired by ideas, many builders are abandoning complex schemes. There's no need. The complex design will bring you a lot of trouble, both in the construction and in the care of it. If you choose a simple design, it won't change any pool function. You can still swim in it. Usually, round and rectangular basins are installed.

Preparatory phase.

Now you have two ways. The first path is easier. It's a special cup pool. The second route is self-producing water tanks. The advantage of buying cough is that they are simple installing, longevity, resistant to external exposure, but often simple in their design.

People who manufacture the capacity on their own, pour it out of the concrete. A special deck is being developed. To complete the painting, they're putting it in a café. Sometimes concrete blocks are used. The difference is that, after each third row, there is a need to set up a machine to strengthen the concrete.


Once everything is ready for construction, it is possible to create a hole in the chosen area with special equipment or hand. Our team advises you to use an additional drain. To do that, in the center of the boiler, they sew the hole and they put it in the cheek and they put a layer of sand on the top of it. There's a gravel on the top. The whole water drain system is in place right now.

Now we can start the bay. It must be armyd. When the foundation is ready to display the deck and begin to fill the walls. The deck is only filmed after the concrete has finally turned. It could take three to four days.

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