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Undeniable advantages of concrete basins

POSEIDONSTRAI is responsible for the construction of concrete basins under the key and ensures the provision of a quality and steep hydrotechnic facility that fully meets the requirements of the customer. The bethon pool is a long and lasting object with a high prestige. Technological complexity and the high cost of construction require the design and thoroughness of all works. All of these are fully owned by POSAYDONSTRAI, with more than a decade of success in the construction of concrete pools under the key.

All basins can be classified according to different bases: for use and specifications. Depending on location, street basins and wings are distinguished. By type of design, transfused and imperial. By functional designation, the concrete pool may be public or for personal use, health or sports, only for children or only for adults, and may be used for cooling after sauna or bath.

  • Advanced technologies. Construction and installation of basins It's not the first decade. During this period, building technologies and methodologies have not only improved, but have also been brought to practical improvement.
  • High strength and resilience. The fast-tracking of the re-establishment technologies ensures the constant durability and persistence of the iron-deck structure to deformation and damage. Ironzebone does not suffer from corrosion, climatic stress and environmental aggression.
  • Great sanitary and environmental indicators. The surface of the basin ' s plain material makes it possible to achieve good hygiene and to prevent the formation of dangerous micro-organisms.
  • Universality. Bethon pools can be installed both on the street and in the room. The street basins need to be conserved during the autumn winter.
  • A variety of forms. Ironobethone enables the construction of different sizes, volumes and configurations, including pools exceeding 20 metres of fantasy of irregular shape. Individual wishes are guaranteed.
  • The wealth of separate materials. The ceramic stove and the mosaic are traditional face-to-face materials. They have a variety of designs and long-term applications. A PVC film and a natural stone are also actively used.

concrete basin phases

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