Pool Supply and Maintenance

Intex Carcasing Pool

The most popular carcasing pools are used by the owners of the countryside. We'll study the design of such a pool and find out the reasons for its popularity.

How's the carcass pool?

Cup. SUPER-TOUGH, which manufactures Intex carcasses, gives water tank walls triple strength. The inner walls of the basin are made of three separate layers: two layers of heavy vinyl resistant to impact, stretch and sunlight, and one is a very strong polyester. Polypropylene lelt, quoting Bathroom Intex, helps maintain its form.

Ostov. The bases of this type are of enhanced sustainability and strength. The carcasal basin has metal walls, which ideally holds the pool shape and carries heavy loads. If you want to buy Intex carcasal pools with a stronger carcass, you're gonna need to look at new models where carcas has galvanic coating that protects metal from damage and rusty.

In the photo:

Choose the carcasing pool, first of all, take into account the sizes you need.

Carcass basins

  • A large area and volume allow for the simultaneous bathing of whole groups.
  • Technology material and solid carcass Guarantee protection against mechanical damage.
  • Strength of design. The basin ' s carcasas are painted with irrigation techniques, which ensures its resilience.
  • Water savings. A hose can be added to the basin ' s discharge valve and a fence free of additional water costs.

How do you operate a carcas pool?

Installation. Basin collection and collection are done with the simplest tools. There is no need to prepare the ground for the installation of the carcasing basin, and any horizontal surface freed from foreign objects is suitable.

Storage. To ensure that the carcasing pool is a worthy winter, the basin's cup should be dryed, cleaned and talced. Keeping it better at room temperature. The carcasal pool can be stored for a long time, it won't affect his condition.

Purchasing Intex Carcasses, don't forget the extra accessories.

Axes for kit comfort

Tent. They can cover the pool so that in your absence the water is clean.

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