Pool Supply and Maintenance

Installation Of Basins And Sauna In Catherineburg

Basin construction
Купить бассейн в Екатеринбурге - строительство, продажа бассейнов
  • 1. Very low heat - vapour - gas-proofness - (There are no thermal insulation materials at the basin stage, as the low thermal conductivity of the polypropylene cup contributes to the maintenance of stable water temperatures, which allows long-term water storage of the pool to be warm, electricity and heater T.
  • The viewing glass mosaic is an excellent sequential material that allows for the creation of original interior interior interiors. Most of these are water, swimming and sanusles. Many producers have a coloured, transparent mosaic in their range, but unfortunately none of them pay attention to the characteristics of their laying.

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Creation of key pools!

  • Design, construction of swimming pools and water bodies
  • its own production base for basin construction
  • polypropylene basins
  • Classical concrete basins
  • Mobile basin ranges
  • Water
  • light fountains, waterfalls, gays
  • basin anti-tock devices
  • Electrical and heat exchanged water heaters
  • all environmentally sound materials
  • Mosaic basin removal
  • Basin accessories
  • Water heating equipment
  • filters, pumps, skimmers, air dryers
  • Basin chemistry
  • Basin care
  • water-training systems for basins
  • Wastewater treatment plants in the basin
  • chlorine and ozone systems
  • Automatic control devices
  • landscape design
  • artificial water bodies
  • Maintenance of basin equipment
  • Delivery and installation at any point of the Ural FO

In addition to traditional concrete basins with mosaic strips, we offer polypropylene pools: clean, solid and durable plastic thickness between 6 and 15 mm.

Polypropylene is produced in Europe specifically for basin production. According to the size agreed to by the client, our masters are decorating and then welding some parts of the pool on special equipment in Ekaterinburg.

The basins are delivered through the territories of Sverdlovsk, Chelabin, Tumen oblasts. In any case, we can arrange for our sales office.

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