Pool Supply and Maintenance

Pavilion For Mounting Basin

Basin pavilion by hand: wings from polycarbonate

Павильон для бассейна своими руками: возведение «крыши» из поликарбонатаAs beautiful and useful as a rehabilitative pool, it is similarly rooted in care. Water needs to be cleaned up all the time, filtered, disposed of flying trash. But if the superstructure is covered in a transparent way, like a water-wrapping pavilion, the exit is easier. Even those masters who built a cup open, they're over time building pools with their hands.

Upon reaching the pool, the master will receive the following " bonuses " :

  • The water will be less evaporated from the surface.
  • The loss of heat will decrease significantly, thus the cost of heating water. Besides, it will extend the timeline of the swimming season.
  • The pool will not be contaminated with filthy sludges and wind dust, garbage, leaves, and the owner will save on filtering and water purification by chemical means (if closed).
  • Ultraviolet rays will encounter a barrier and fall into the pool already broken. Which means that their destructive effect on the walls and bottom will be weaker, resulting in an increase in the life of the basin material.
  • In the winter freeze, the temperature below the pavilion is higher than on the street, so the designs will not have to be tested at too low temperatures, why some materials and the water drainage system may be unsatisfactory.

To build a pavilion for with your hands.We need to figure out what he's doing.

If the pool is used periodically and the rest of the time is cold, the cheapest option will be a low range with a height of not more than a m.Высокий павильон It will fulfil the most important function of protecting water from sun, rainfall and garbage. And if the masters don't plan to dive from the sideboards, it's enough to make a mobile section and get into the water.

There are also structures with a height of about two metres. There's a door in them for easy use. This is an option for a pavilion based on the usual greenhouse using metal profiles and polycarbonate sheets. It is possible, of course, instead of a polycarbonate, to draw a polyethylene film, but aesthetic view of it will suffer, and the devastation of the captive is weak.

High pavilions have about three metres of height and are used not only to protect the basin, but also to serve as an excellent recreational area for the owners. The orange climate allows for the perimeter of the cup of flower composites to be constructed, the hussels or recreational chairs. But this is if the limits of the pavilion are much wider than the size of the cup.

Низкий павильон Полузакрытый павильон Раздвижной павильон Куполообразный павильон

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