Pool Supply and Maintenance

Maintenance Of Basins

Construction and maintenance of the basement of the basins of the grad/b ethnic parks
Оборудование для бассейнов - купить оборудование для бассейна в

This Glavpooltorg organization made us a great pool in our parent house. I really wanted reliable builders to build conscience, choose a contractor for a long time, and not mistake. The bassin's here. ♪ ♪


I thank the staff of the GlavpolT for their many cooperation with our company. Order regularly, all flowers buy only here, and if necessary equipment. Thank you for your reliability. ♪


Found a hint in this store. Thank you for the quick delivery. If necessary.


The order was made for the first time, and it was necessary to replace the control unit. I can say good service, everything is done by agreement with the manager. I thank you for your work.


At the beginning of the summer last year, we addressed them about construction♪ It's been a while. The company tried to take care of it so that it wouldn't be unfair. The quality of work was good, the pool was very good. We wanted a small size, but it was beautiful and cozy, and they did very well, even though the volume of work was very large, ranging from design to construction and installation. When designing, the experts tried to take our minds into account, unless it went against common sense, because we said what we wanted, given how difficult it was to achieve. If it wasn't, they said it couldn't be realized and said why. Construction work was well under way, not very fast, but the workers were not acquitted, dealt with the case and, in their speed, worked on schedule, did not exceed the estimates. Ultimately, we have a good pool. Qualitatively done. The pool equipment was very potent.

Senting pool equipment at Glavpool Trade, managers helped select the best option, consulted on work and operations, and remained pleased with the company ' s choice. They've all brought it up and done it.

Speedy, well advised.

I liked the manager's work, always for communication, and an amendment to the order for any casualty. The parcel to the Far East came quickly and in its entirety. In the goods themselves - Filter Installation 4, 3 m3/h Emaux Opus (FSP350-4W) - English instruction and no fork.

Nice store. There's a way to choose, adequate prices plus discounts, different shares, etc., that's how they feel and are happy. Managers will always say that, as and how best it is, young people) if you need a delivery, it won't make it wait long to pay you in a way that's convenient. Actually, it's really good, I found what I need here, young people, so keep it up)

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