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Basin Estimates

Смета и цены на строительство бассейнов

In order to know the forthcoming budget for the future basin, estimates for its construction should be calculated. This is a service you can order directly by seeking assistance from the perpetrators registered on the Udu website. There will always be a master in charge of computing price estimates. Tariffs can also be reconciled and adjusted directly to the perpetrator.

Specificities of basin design and their main types

Quality estimates Construction of a basin includes all types of work to be undertaken. In addition, the estimates for the basin should include a list of the necessary equipment. Upon request for construction from the employer, the wishes for:

  • Basin form;
  • size;
  • Appointment;
  • design;
  • Installation of additional systems.

A significant factor is the price that depends on the size and structure of the basin. If you're planning to order a pool under the key, the cost will be a little higher, because that option is suitable for those with a sufficient budget.

The basin device must be checked before the estimates are made. There are now many varieties:

  • monolithic;
  • Bulk cups;
  • Imperial baths;
  • for the park;
  • Private;
  • Public for sports;
  • Children;
  • adults;
  • Hydromass;
  • Jacuzzi.

Main types of work which include the basin construction estimates

The main stages of the project need to be identified before considering the total amount of the forthcoming project. These include:

  • The creation of a boiler with special equipment or the removal of the ground by hand;
  • removal of the ground from the construction site by special equipment;
  • the base under the monolithic stove of the basin;
  • Determining the need to build a concrete with an art or deck;
  • Basin carcasing;
  • Work with the drainage system;
  • Hydro and thermal insulation of the basin ' s cup;
  • equate concrete walls;
  • strip and mark the pool with a mosaic or a stove.

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