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On our website, you will find a lot of excellent design options from simple open pools to luxury closed structures. Homify offers abundance of ideas - for reconstructing the old pool, or creating a new pool of your dreams. In addition, there are thousands of contacts on the site with countless ideas, and our Books of ideas will allow you to find and apply the most unusual ideas. You can keep the most inspired ideas on your own with one mouse click.

How much to build a pool.?

The basin ' s price depends on several factors: its type, the sizes, the materials selected for construction and separation. The cost of the basin ' s cup may also affect its shape: the more difficult the form, the more the cost of construction. The prefabricated (or carcass) pools are the cheapest option. Such construction is easily fixed, no construction permit is required, and the basins can be moved to the required location. Also, the advantage of prefabricated options is that they can be installed on the street. The Bassein will bring about a climate such as the Moscow and Leningrad regions.

The average price of this design is 120,000 roubles. When there's a free place, a built-in pool can be the perfect choice. Naturally integrated into surfaces, open basins are fit in smoothly. The permanent design of the pool should be well-designed, as it will serve you for many years in the future. But let's note that built-in pools require more care than carcass. Construction and construction can also be expensive.

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