Pool Supply and Maintenance

Beton Basin

Installation of basins
Строительство бетонного бассейна. Арматурные работы и монтаж

The home from TKKKKALININGRAD with the basin is not rare today. Although these poor structures and construction are difficult, people do not refuse to be able to swim in the pool for their own health and comfort.

The carcasal basin has a bottom equipped with hydro-insulation and rigid fences. The carcasing structure is resistant to temperature breaks and simple in the mounting.

Installation concrete basin can only be implemented professional masters♪ The main plus installation of such a facility is the existence of additional systems such as hydromassage, lighting, artificial water masses♪ Those who are going to set a concrete cup should have in mind that cleaning the pool will have to be done quite often.

Some are happy to acquire ready plastic basins with ease of installation, leakproofness and simplicity in service. Moreover, their cost is much lower than the price of concrete or carcasing.

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