Pool Supply and Maintenance


Build basins at their precinct

Монтаж бассейнаThe construction of a prefabricated carcasing pool by hand and necessary equipment.

The bases from ancient times have been considered luxury and have only been held by imperials, kings, kings, padishes and other famous individuals. To date, this pleasure can be afforded by all those who wish.

Modern construction has scaled up so that there are many tools and materials with different price policies. Consequently, in the construction of a new facility or structure by their own hands, everyone can choose the material that fits both the price and quality.

If you decided to build a water oasis with your hands around Dachi or at home, you should first be determined with its kind (composite, which can have a material from a polypropylene or a glass fibre, iron, arc, carcass). This will depend on the amount you are willing to charge for this construction.

Prior to all planning and construction work, any type of artificial water tank must be determined from its location. This includes the following factors:

  • Free space without extra structures, trees and handicrafts to prevent damage to their roots, as well as to keep the pool quiet, and it was always in the sun;
  • Close location of groundwaters, if these are boiled basins;
  • Large and clean surfaces, especially in the installation of terrestrial basins.

Air basins

The cheapest, fastest and most elementary in the mounting and installation will be the air basin (measured from 1 m to 5 m, 5 m in diameter).It can be easily established by its own hands. All we have to do is clean up the product (prepared from a solid, qualitative and life-threatening PVC spray) on the chosen area, and connect the pump, which is often on the set, to give shape to your water osisus, which you need 10 to 15 minutes, and pour water, if necessary, refilling the material to freeze.

Каркасный бассейн Бассейн из стекловолокна

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