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OxymaticWe only use the best equipment!

You can buy any pool equipment, like a unique SilverBox water disinfection system, 100% without chlorine.

Water disinfection in the pool, without chlorine, real!
Perfect water quality c Oxymatic
After treatment, water is comparable to drinking.
Not using any chemicals is a reflex.
More efficient than ozone, chlorine, atomar oxygen.
Насосы The copper ion saturation technology was developed by NASA engineers in space programmes to decontamination drinking water. This product is very popular, as it ensures the high quality of water disinfection in the basin and safety.

Water disinfection in the pool, without chlorine, real!
Water decontamination technology in the basin 100 per cent without chlorine is based on its disinfection with silver and copper ion.Закладные в чашу бассейна A chlorine-free pool with an innovative SilverBox plant is a well-realised modern development - a time-tested, allowing for crystal-purified water physically, without chemical disinfecting reagents. It is not true that there are other environmentally sound water disinfections in the basin.

SilverBox is the only way to disinfect water without chlorine and other chemicals.

SilverBox equipment valued at 78,500 roubles.

POSEIDONSTRAI offers a wide range of pool equipment, including for quartz filters. The catalogue of our Internet store presents filters from various producers with a wide range of characteristics.

Filter cost water treatment in the basin From 220 me.

The pump is the heart of the basin, so it is subject to the following requirements: long work in an aggressive environment, low noise threshold, high degree of protection.

It's 120 pumps.

The full range of filling elements can be divided into two groups: water-training systems (skimmer, bottom sludge, water-supply) and basin mortgages, the first are vital to any basin, the second one can be described as an option.

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