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Как выбрать надувной бассейн на дачу

Intex carcasal pools from PVC are the best choice if you need a low-cost, but a quality pool for dacha or a country house. The installation of the prefabricated basin does not require special preparation of the ground, but the installation / Carcasing pool dismantlement It's going fast and simple.

On the internet store, IIR INTEX has a large sample of carcass basins of different depths, shapes and dimensions: large and small, deep and small, rectangular, round and oval. It's also possible to pick up and buy an oval air pool or buy a pool for children.

The cost of carcasing pools is also different and will meet buyers with different needs and financial opportunities. As long as the carcasing pool is worth, with delivery to Moscow or Russia, you can find out from the manager on the phone or make an order on the Internet.

You can also take the carcasing pool you bought from the warehouse in Balahia (Moscow region).

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