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Children ' S Basins Intex

How are the children's inflatable pools?
Детские бассейны Intex

Most of these products are made of plastic or vinyl. Simple air basins are very popular, especially for very small children.

How are the children's inflatable pools?

Modern children ' s arc basins for children have a set of standards that identify, a children ' s pool and meet most of the following requirements:

  • water depth not exceeding 1 m;
  • The height or width of the article is less than 4, 5 m;
  • without a filtering system;
  • Design is designed specifically for child use.

Most importantly, in these characteristics, inflatable children ' s basins distinguish between a lack of filtering and design designed specifically for children.

Size is one of the most important issues. The base should be large enough to accommodate several children who use the pool.

Today, the Intex Child Basin offers many aesthetic opportunities and additional recreational functions for small users. These are multi-coloured products, manufactured in tedious form, such as dolphine or a marine star, or painted images from a marine subject.

Specificities of basin design

Like child-bearing pools, suffocating light paint models:

  • Usually, the body of the product has a plum hose;
  • Navez protects young swimmers from negative UV radiation and is attached to the pool;
  • Inflatable children Intex Provided with a soft built-in wall that provides a pillow on solid land;
  • All the toys are onboards and entertaining in the water. Intex children's pools have built-in attachments. This provides a few areas to play with rings, balls.

In any case, for a long-term perspective, children ' s pools, the Internet store offers a larger size with an air pump, which can quickly and without special effort help to pump the product with air. The bases shall be installed in warm time and shall be provided with a securely ventilated small repository.

There are original children ' s pools in the range, and the Internet market for Intex Grib or Fish is available for active adventurers.

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