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What a child doesn't dream of his own pool! The child's inflatable reservoir will solve all the problems. It's important to choose a children's pool to protect their child from trauma.


Form and size. Children ' s arc basins tend to be small. There is no special size range for children ' s basins, but that does not mean that the best model can be found in advance. For example, the size of intex children ' s basins is shown in a separate catalogue of intex with pools and inflated toys. Children ' s basins are produced not only in the form of tea and baths, they can take the form of fun animals from sea to earth animals, and such basins are most popular among small consumers. In addition, even full mini-vacards for children, with mountains, balls and rings, are available for sale.

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The child ' s inflatable model of the desired size and form can be found in a separate catalogue of Intex.

Bortics. Their height ranges from 15 to 40 cm. Lower walls are equipped with models for the smallest. In addition, to be safer, such worms do arrogance, which prevents possible injuries. With low walls and a small amount of water, the water in the children ' s basin is rapidly heated to a good temperature. If necessary, children can go on their own, without the help of adults, and enter and leave the pool. Highboards are most often equipped with rigid pools for older children. Rigid walls won't let the child get out of it and will not burst at pressure or use hard objects.

Day. Children ' s basins have arc or flat bottom. The air bottom guarantees the baby ' s " soft landing " and will not feel the unevenness of the basin surface. In some of the models of children ' s arc basins, the intex dug out special anti-sliding coatings.

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