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Glass Basins

Plav Éb constituent base
Стеклопластиковые, композитные бассейны: производство, цены We propose a huge choice of glass-plastic swimming pools of different shapes and sizes from proven and quality materials!
  • The Admiral Pools glass basins will affect you with their reliability, simplicity and operation, their infinite elegance!
  • Swim Spa's swimming pools will give you round-trip baths in warm water, swimming opportunities and hydromassage!
  • The prefabricated and carcass pools can be installed on the ground and cleaned at the end of the swimming season if necessary!
If the weather is variable and the water fails to heat under the sun's beams, the feeding pools are filled with heaters. To be installed in a bath or a sauna, we recommend baths and round-form saunas! The Nordbass service providers are installing pools. Installation, installation of equipment and installation of a composite basin shall be carried out. For prefabricated installation the basin includes the collection of the pool and the connection of the equipment.
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