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3 reasons for making a choice in favour of the children
Детские бассейны в Новосибирске – адреса, телефоны | SaySport.info

Everyone knows the good of swimming. It strengthens, drowns, promotes immunity, removes tension and stress. It is particularly important to swim in a pool for children. But swimming like sports isn't about every child. For these, we have good news that the activity in the children ' s basins of the Lyder Land in Novosibirsk will also have a beneficial effect on the organism. We invite our parents to visit the real Russian baths.

  1. It's fun. If your little boy is afraid of water or doesn't like to spray, bring him to us! Thanks to the interesting water mountains, your baby won't want to get out!
  2. It's safe. We don't have a water temperature below 28 degrees so your baby won't get cold. We follow her clean and change her timing. Gorki meets international safety standards.
  3. It's cheap. You must know the shocking prices. children ' s basins Novosibirsk. We've got the cost. The price of the whole day in our children's pool begins with 500 roubles per child.

Come to our children's pool to swim, strengthen health and just have fun spending time with the family. We're sure that once you come to Lader Land, you'll want to come back here again and again!


  • Basin: 25 m x 12 m, depth 1, 80 m.
  • Basin for children: 23 m x 23 m x 0 90 m
  • Basin for the smallest: 3, 0 m x 3, 0 m x 0 m 0 25 m
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