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Купить Intex 56441 по низкой цене в Москве

Children ' s inflatable basins: rigid and inflatable from official dealer in Russia

In hot summers, I'd like to go to a river or a day's water. This issue is particularly relevant for children. Sadly, when such a possibility is not available, in such a case, children ' s inflatable or depots in Intex can be used. Consider the characteristics of such pools for children, their size, and how safe they are.

Intex Influenza

The manufacturer may be happy with a variety of designs. Children ' s inflatable basinsas well as blooms. They will fit both boys and girls in different ages, depending on the amount of water.

One year ' s children, Intex may offer an excellent version of two or three arc rings with a diameter of 61 cm and a total water volume of 21 litres. This option will be very convenient for the baby, and he can feel comfortable in that space, and if necessary, he can block his hands, soft and nice rings.

Older boys can be offered large options with different forms (in the form of a six-grander, rectangle, circle, etc.)


Intex will provide you with an indisputable list of advantages that will enable you to stop your choice on this product:

  1. Intex children ' s inflatable basins are universal and will be suitable for the fun of children and adults;
  2. Convenience in operation: there is a suitable valve at the bottom for the rapid discharge of water. No more than 3 kg (depending on the model) weighs in the sample.
  3. The bases are removed from a high-quality high-quality vintage sustainable to heat;
  4. The material is harmless, free from foreign smells and environmentally sound;
  5. Original appearance;
  6. Nice price and quality ratio.

The bases are perfectly safe for children, and they don't give cause to worry. Not a slippery soft bottom and a pool's worms will add more comfort and safety.

And if you add soft Intex balls to the pool, the games will be more diverse and the kid won't leave the pool.

Intex children ' s rigid basins

The base of the rigid basin is made of a solid vinyl, and the pot of polyvinyl chloride. This design is very comfortable, and it's simple to use, it doesn't have to be blown, it's just to stub the walls, and then water.

It's pretty strong, material is good in the heat while keeping colors. Disein, mostly with exotic fish or multiplier characters. Such a painting would be the perfect addition to any place.

Dimensions of Intex child rigid pools, at a height of 25 cm, diameter of 122 cm. Depending on the model, the basin ' s capacity is quite diverse and can accommodate 280 litres of water.

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