Pool Supply and Maintenance

Intex Children

Bassin intex Radouga 168x46 cm (years 3)
Каркасные бассейны Интекс | Надувные бассейны интекс | интекс

The four-wheeled Raduga is perfect for child and family rest at the countryside. The comfortable and bright pool will not only become an indispensable summer recreation attribute, but also an original addition to the landscape design of the site. The pool's not going to blow.

The excellent features of Intex products are quality, aesthetic, functionality and modern design. Recreation and comfort products Intex are inflatable pools, carcasal pools, arcs and bouts, sailing accessories, air boats, air mattresses and beds. Contemporary basins are solid and reliable, do not require very careful preparation of the ground before the installation, have suitable valves for the discharge of water. And finally, they're beautiful! The bright color gamma they will steal the landscape, and the plex and the water overflow will cheer our hearts!

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