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How To Build A Swimming Pool

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как сделать недорогой бассейн на даче

Bassein with his hands.

Before you start building a pool, choose the right place. It's best if it's:

  • Glina or other dense soil,
  • A place without some trees that will root under the pool and throw leaves in it,
  • A place with sufficiently deep groundwaters to keep the bottom,
  • Not a very windy place.

There are two ways to build a pool to buy a ready terrestrial capacity or build a pool itself. A ready-to-mouth or prefabricated pool has its advantages:

  1. It's cheaper than installing: tidy or brick satur, top of the pool.
  2. Already developed a system of discharges, etc., less problems.
  3. It can be stored or suffocated and disposed of.

The minus of such a pool is a small amount of water and short-lived. So if the climate allows and is a place, you can make a full-fledged pool on your day.

How to make a low-cost pool

Simply a rectangular pool that is easier to maintain and design than an interior version. If both adults and young children are to be swimming, two baths of different depths can be made. There are ready options for these coughs, but they're much more expensive than they do for themselves.

Most often, the basin's cup is filled with concrete, but it's possible to put it in concrete or foaming blocks.

  1. Dig the basin's cup 50-60 cm deeper than the desired depth. By hand, it's a long and difficult thing to do, better pay for renting an excavator with the driver.
  2. Put the center of the drenage tank down, then cover the bottom of the 20 sand layer above the gravel.
  3. Put out the communication for the pool, deposit the 5-sentimetre layer of concrete, top off the grid, and in 3-4 days, add a further 15-cm of concrete, clean up the stretch. It's ready.
  4. If the walls are pouring concrete too, set up a wooden deck. It's not necessary for the blocks. The fixing of the machine is necessary anyway. Don't forget to leave the holes for the drain.
  5. Put the pool walls and approaches on it, set the stairs. Look around for the filtering system.

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