Pool Supply and Maintenance

Build A Swimming Pool

How do you build a swimming pool?

как построить бассейн, как построить бассейн на дачеIt's good to rest outside the city: in the hot weather, it's so nice to dive into the warm water of your own pool. If you're wondering where to buy a game pool, we'll help you solve this problem. But let's say that professional services to create this watermelon are very expensive and inaccessible to you. Well, you can use your powers and... Build a swimming pool. With your hands and a small cost.

You can build a pool without very complex elements. First, it should be determined with its size, depending on the size of the site. If you have a large area, you don't have to build a huge water, because it can cause problems with filling its water, plum problems, and the strength of the pool walls can be reduced.бассейны для дачи стоимость The location of the basin should be taken into account and the location of the nearest plumbing should be chosen and a site free of trees and handicrafts should be chosen. The shape of the future basin is preferable to simple: rectangle, square, circle.

Preparing and digging

First, we need to mark his boundaries with the cord, the construction wheel and the cats. In length and breadth of borders, tolerances of about 0, 4 to 0, 5 m should be made, and a water depth tolerance of about 1, 5 m should be taken into account. It'll be necessary for the right positioning of the walls and the bottom of the pool. By pulling the boiler, you have to make walls with a weak gradient on the outside, about 3-7 degrees, so prevent the fall of the ground and ensure the fortress of the loaded walls.

Then the ground on the bottom of the boiler shall be equated and carefully punctured. Its height is approximately 30 cm. There's a hydrosulation on the top, it could be a ruberoid on the bats. They put it in two layers, just blocking the walls of the water.

Construction of walls

In the perimeter, such a pool needs to be equipped with a deck made of wood, plastic or vomit. It'll give the right shape to his walls. The distance between this deck and the ground, we need to pour liquid concrete. In order to build the strength of the pool walls, they have a steel grid. The walls should take into account how it will be filled with water. The flow must be fixed in advance because it stays in the concrete.

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