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Bassein On The Precinct With His Hands

How to make the pool with your hands

ВидыThe base is no longer the subject of luxury. It can be done on its own. If you have the necessary means, you can buy a rest water. However, a man who is a little familiar with construction work will be able to build such a design without attracting specialists.

To begin with, we need to figure out what kinds of waters like this exist, as well as the pros and cons of each.


КаркасныеAll basins can be divided into two types:

  • carcasses;
  • Quotinn.


Such basins are either above the surface of the earth or a little, but they are above it. Their distinctive feature is the existence of a carcasus. It's very convenient to move and dismantle during the winter.

The lack of carcasing structures is that they're very expensive. Although some masters can make them themselves.


To build it, concrete and hydro isolating materials must be acquired. The shortcomings of this design are that it cannot be dismantled. Another minus is a lot of groundwork. We'll have to dig some 16 square metres.

Подготовка под установку Скиммерная система бассейна

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