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Watersheds with their hands

Отделка бассейна пленкойCotttage and large people often want to build a pool outside the house. The pool is not only a wonderful place for family rest, but it is also an integral part of a rich house's interior, a great way of stealing extra-urban benefits. And it's just necessary that the pool stay as long as possible in a good state, be beautiful and durable. What do you need for that? The quality hydro-insulation of the basin is very important in this case. First, we'll find out what it is.Существует и более простой способ устройства гидроизоляции бассейна своими руками – это обыкновенный цементный раствор с добавлением жидкого стекла ... Hydroinsulation is the use of a special coating (leader or obsolescence) to make the design of the sealed, it prevents moisture, including groundwater. If the basin is to be reliable, it is necessary to know what kinds it is, what materials are best used, how to deal with them properly, what benefits and disadvantages different materials have.

Every pool owner knows how hard it is to keep this big design fully. For any basin is adversely affected by many different environmental factors. Water pressure is one of the most significant factors affecting the basin. In the end, deformations and even cracks can occur on the basin walls over time. Of course, hydroinsulation cannot reduce water pressure, but it prevents moisture from entering the basin walls, thereby increasing their strength.

Remember that hydro-insulation is necessary during the basin stage! In the process of repairing the basin ' s hydro-isolation work is only relevant in the case of small cracks (up to 2 mm), otherwise hydro-insulation will no longer help. Now, let's stop on how to correctly carry out the basin's hydrosulation with our hands.

Бассейн своими руками из пленки

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