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Construction Of Pools In Urals

60 billion roubles are planned for ecosystem conservation

Orenburg, RIA Orenburzi, photo - Sergei Medvedev

The delegation of Orenburg, headed by Governor Yuri Bergom, participated in an expanded meeting on the Ural River Basin, which was held on the eve of 31 March in Uralsk. Representatives of the Orenburg region and Kazakhstan discussed the problems and prospects of the river ecosystem.

The enlarged meeting was represented by a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a member of the CIS Committee, the Eurasian Integration and Relations with the compatriots of Yuri Miszhrakov, Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Property Relations of the Orenburg Region of Constantine Kostuchenko, Director of the Rapi Institute, Doctor of Geographic Sciences, Professor Alexandre Chibilev and other officials.

Over the 15 years, the authorities of the Orenburg and Western Kazakhstan regions have repeatedly stated that the Ural River must be preserved. Several suggestions were made for the establishment of an inter-State committee on this issue, and an initiative was taken to establish an environmental monitoring system. Joint efforts resulted in the draft Intergovernmental Agreement on the Conservation of the Transboundary River Basin of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

♪ This international instrument provides for the establishment of a bilateral Russian-Kazakhstan commission to coordinate activities in this regard. Today, all the conservation and rehabilitation activities of the Ural River in its Russian part have been developed at the federal level and are laid down in the Ural River Basin Integrated Water Management and Protection Scheme, emphasized by Yuri Berg. - This scheme provides for more than 200 activities aimed at improving the state of the Ural River Basin by shore-up, clearing of tributaries, construction of hydrotechnical and cleaning facilities, etc.

The preservation of the Ural ecosystem throughout Russia and Kazakhstan is a global issue. Its decision requires substantial funds from the budgets of both States or other financial sources. The total amount of funding required for activities under the scheme is over 60 billion roubles.

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