Pool Supply and Maintenance

Basin Area

The construction of a new park began in the harvest
Сливная яма, септик, канализация, водопровод, ж/б колодец, бассейн

The new fleet will be located along the Nabrej highway, near the Raduga cascade and the current Vonesensky fleet.

The construction project has been approved and all agreed. In the new park, an underground drainage system is planned to remove underground floods, a sub-base to plan the relays, a biological recovery, decoration trees and handicrafts.

The project is for two years. This year is the first phase of work, which is worth about 3,7 million mryvnia. These are preparatory work, a drainage reservoir and filtering wells, a watertight lake.

Work started early in August. Specialists note that dry and emergency trees will be removed. This is what workers do now. However, there will be further green saturation in this place.

Work to build a new park under personal control of Vladimir Burjak's city head.

♪ In fact, we're building a new park here. Anyone who wishes can make sure that the territory is in a sufficiently invisible state. Let's just say it's an abandoned desert! This year, a family that feeds a lake in the Zanesenovsky Park will be cleared, a drain is carried out so that the territory will not be lifted. Next year, we will upgrade the Territory and complete the establishment of the park in the Territory, the mayor noted.

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