Pool Supply and Maintenance

Build Of Filling Parts In The Pool

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VITALIA-POOLS will implement a basin of any category of complexity in accordance with technological regulations and safety standards.


Pooling options depend on many factors. In any case, the basin installation phase, for example, at the suburban house is a complex process. VITALIA engineers have the necessary professional experience to carry out the installation of your basin within a reasonable time and in the best possible manner.

VITALIA Composite Basin

1. Coated

The shape of the boiler must be perfectly consistent with the size of the pool. The size of the boiler shall be greater than that of the basin by 1m perimeter. The day of the boot falls asleep with a sand-green mixture.

2. Access

Your pool will be transported on a special transport. There is a need to provide an access route for transport with a lift crane to move the pool into the boiler.

3. Basin VITALIA

The pool's cup will be raised above the boiler and cautiously down on the bottom of the boiler. The necessary safety equipment must be respected. People and foreign objects are not allowed in the cottage.

4. Horizontal area

The pool shall be placed in a stable position by light movements to the different sides. The basin ' s scale and other instruments shall then be placed in a strictly horizontal position.

5. Maintenance of equipment

In the plain of the composite basin, openings for the installation of the filling parts shall be cut off: the skimmer, the water retractor, the underwater lighting, the bottom discharge. Quality criteria - ensuring the complete sealing of the basin.

6. Connection of tubes

The installed pooling equipment shall be connected to the common system. The filter, pump, heat exchangers, Skimmers and bottom trousers shall be combined with the piping system and transitional fittings.

7. Water

It produces 40-50 cm of water in the basin cup. Thereafter, a fraction of 5-20 or sand falls into the free space of the boiler perimeter of the basin. The height of the layer is not more than 50 cm. The bed comes in and spills water.

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