Pool Supply and Maintenance

Maintenance Of Pool Equipment

ductb linear installation of the grad/b channel pool equipment

Оборудование фильтрации воды в бассейне DINOTECOur company is constructing pool equipment,

We've installed filtering equipment for a pool of any difficulty and guarantee

♪ Basin equipment, design, construction and installation are our company, your guarantee!
♪ Basin equipment required
♪ Filtware equipment for swimming pools.

АттракционConsistency of basin equipment:

:: Cost and technical harmonization of the basin
• Basin project
· Cat-trap
· Construction of a basin iron-deck bath
:: Equipment to be delivered
• Filter equipment
· Installation of water supply
· Installation of water supply equipment
:: Water entertainment equipment
:: Basin pool equipment

WARN: The water training system, which is technologically correct, will in most cases depend on the final water quality in the basin. The calculation of pumps and filters ' productivity, loss in fittings and tubes, equilibrium separation of speeds and streams, the ability of pipelines to pass the required amount of water to filtering equipment, and the slopes and filling of bulkhead collectors, etc.

Quality assurance is purity of water and reduced operating and service costs.

Only a specialist who has professional skills and experience in the installation of pool filtering equipment can handle this task.

Our staff are high-level specialists, and they have many years of experience.

If you contact our company's specialists, they will solve all the questions concerning the collection of decontamination and water purification equipment, the installation of a water training system, the electrical installation, the supply of all the necessary kits and materials to the facility, and you will save your time and money accordingly.

The construction price is between 10 and 35 per cent of the cost of equipment (except for the most sophisticated water preparation systems, the conditions under which installation and climatic conditions are performed in the construction area).

Our company employs only the editing professional staff, has a lot of experience, competence and work at a sufficiently high speed, and, if necessary, can solve any problems and choose the right solution in any situation. The basin equipment has a high quality and all aesthetic requirements are met during its installation.

Склеенные фитинги ПВХ Фильтр бассейна Подготовленные для установки закладные элементы оборудования Установка и центровка закладных элементов бассейна

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