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Чистка бассейновToday, it is difficult to imagine a recovery complex, a fitness club or a viable hotel without a pool. In addition, many of the country ' s landlords have also set up basins at their sites. And that's not surprising: swimming at any time of the year helps to keep the organism in the tone, keep the shape of the string, relieves fatigue and stress.

The vocational clean-up of the basin involves a whole range of work, ranging from the removal of manure to the prevention of equipment. Details on the list of work... ♪
What is the clinking different from the usual cleaning and how can it help to achieve the ideal clean-up of the pool? Find out more. ♪ ♪
The value of clean-up work can be affordable and often depends on the type of contamination of the basin and its area. Recognize current rates. ♪ ♪
The vocational clean-up of the basin involves a range of work, ranging from the removal of the raid to the prevention of equipment. Details on the list of work... ♪

However, it is only possible to be sure of the benefits of swimming in the basin if the water meets all sanitary standards. Constant water circulation and passage through filters shall be carried out in each basin. It does not allow the fluid to be caught, but it does not guarantee its purity. In order for water to be truly safe and not to threaten amateur to swim all kinds of diseases, it is necessary to regularly conduct professional cleaning of the basin. What is it? Let's figure this out.

The first basins appeared long before our era. They were very popular in the East, the ancient Greece and the ancient Rome. The cassettes were made out of stone gmile tightly adjacent to each other, and the rocks were filled with resin. After the fall of ancient empires, the pools stopped building. In the Middle Ages, they were regarded as the shell of disdain and immorality. And only in the 19th century, with a healthy lifestyle, the basins became popular again.

The basin-cleaning manipulation is labour-intensive and is carried out with special tools. First of all, it's a booth-- it's a way to get visible objects out of the water. Special cheeks, bottoms and boards will also be needed. Their length is regulated by telescopes, which make it difficult to reach basin♪ However, only these items cannot completely clean the pool. There are also occupational sets that include aluminium or plastic pants and various adhesions: rounded and flat cheeks, universal scabs, imperials, vacuum dust pumps. Normally, a pool pump is included in the kit.

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