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Basin cost calculation
Строительство бассейнов под ключ

Basin where water levels are 15 cm below floor

Basin where water levels are at floor level

If there is no gas boiler. 380B, more cost-effective, but more cost-effective

More cost-effective and most suitable in use, the cost of equipment is higher than the electric heater

In case water is required to cool, for example in sauna baths

The lights, the lights for the evening. In default, there's a white candle of 300W.

Automatic decontamination with chlor-containing reagents. Measuring itself and dosing, maintaining the level of chemicals at the required level

Automatic decontamination with hydrogen transfusion. No measurements shall be made, dosed by the intended program.

Automatic decontamination with salt. Measuring doesn't, dosing doesn't, salt falls directly into the pool. Water's a little solo.

No automatic stations. Reagent dose by hand.

It is possible to further destroy bacteria, to prevent the unpleasant smell of chlorine. It's possible to reduce the chemicals in the cup, it'll save the flow.

The manual means the cleaning of the walls and bottom by means of a cheek, pants and hose that are connected to a special device in the cup.

Automatic pulmonary robot

Basin design is an important and necessary part of construction. Many issues are addressed at this stage, which help to avoid structural problems

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