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Construction Of Monolithic Basins

Steps to build monolithic concrete basins
Строительство бассейнов | Центр Коттеджного Строительства

Montreal Basin construction AstraPool is the building of reliable hydrotechnical structures from concrete. Compared to composite and carcass designs, monolithic basins are stronger and durable. Among the other equally important features of the monolithic basins with concrete tips are the following:

  • They fully meet the sanitary and epidemiological requirements, resisting harmful mushrooms and microorganisms;
  • Simple care and exploitation (for such a basin to be conserved during the winter period, it is sufficient to drain water and take care of the safe storage of support equipment);
  • The possibility of building a basin anywhere at the choice of the customer;
  • The possibility of a basin of any shape and size, a model project design or individual design;
  • The monolithic basins are best suited to equip them with additional equipment and a variety of accessories, such as lighting, heating, hydromassage, mountains and outlets.

Modularization of basins takes place in several stages, each of which requires a literate, skilled and responsible approach. Only if technology is fully respected, the construction will end with the construction of a valid and durable design.

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