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Watershed prices
Надувные бассейны Intex (Интекс) и Bestway (Бествей) для дачи

Intex is a low-cost, long-distance pool. It's easier to make a pool like this - it's just gonna have to pump it. To buy an inflatable Intex can afford each one, only to choose a suitable pool for you.

Typically, the airbows have round or oval shapes to look at the top pool. We have both small pools of 1 metre diameter and large (to 6 metres), both deep and small. You can also buy a rectangular carcass pool or buy a child pool.

There are pools with built-in pump filter and even chlorine generator. It looks like a suffocation pool as rubber, but it's actually made of a high-profile long-range plastic (HP).

The value of these air basins is, in general, lower than the carcasian. How many. I don't know. You can find out from the manager on the phone or order the website via the Internet.

You can also take your inflatable pool from the warehouse to Balashhia (Moscow Region).

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