Pool Supply and Maintenance

Push Films

So, the pool cup is full, it's a small, final piece. But before that, it is necessary to carefully consider and literate the material for the separation that will give the basin maximum leakproofness and increase the duration of the unrenovated service. The cup to date can be removed by mosaic, stove or PVC with a pool film. The latter is becoming increasingly popular.


FAC film characteristics for basins

The polyvinyl chloride synthetic coating, which is increasingly used to separate the basins, is both a decorative cover and a hydrosulation material. The PVC film generally has a reinforced layer made of tissues with anti-grab and anti-microbine. His thickness reaches a few millimeters.

FAC ribs for basins and ponds are used with great success, which is why:

  1. The PVC has a long useful life of 20 years. The film is therefore considered to be a very practical material for the marking of pools.
  2. Cover is resistant to temperature changes, cold (as opposed to stoves), ultraviolet radiation.
  3. The bathing tape is perfectly safe for human beings, does not provide harmful evaporation, meets all the requirements and certificates.
  4. The material is light and high velocity, allowing the basin to be covered in a few hours.
  5. Polyvinyl chloride film responds well to cracking in the basin cup.
  6. The tape is hygienic, it's a great deal of communication with the pool caring.
  7. The PVC is marketed in a wide range of colours, from single to material, which simulates decoration plates, white and white-and-white mosaic. As a rule, it is produced in a blue and blue gamma, but it also happens to be green, runaway, bruise and white.
  8. The popularity of the use of this material is also due to the democratic price of the basin film, which is two to three times cheaper than the mosaic or stove.

But, along with the many virtues of the PVC film, there are no shortcomings that will be listed below:

  • The most important deficiency is the surface formation of scratches, which inevitably occurs over time.
  • The colour intensity and glacier of PVC films is gradually lost. Of course it won't happen right away. But in 10 years, you'll notice that factor.
  • Square stitches, if they look around, they're ruining the surface.
  • Refining the film pool is not a lung procedure, compared to taking care of the mosaic.
  • If groundwater is located near the surface on the pool, the use of the film is better off.

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