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Which one of the masters of the crops or the country cottages doesn't dream of their own basin on the precinct? And don't think it's an extremely expensive and demanding construction and operation. A low-cost pool can be built with minimal construction skills and some costs.

In this article we'll tell you how to make the pool with your hands. From various materials (beton, carcass, film) and video and photos.

The bases can be different. Someone's gonna have enough suffocating capacity in the right place and filled with water from the hose. If you want to build a solid, fixed water capable of serving many years, you'll have to work.

First of all, we need to choose the right place. It shall be removed from the streams and trees. The smaller the debris falls into the water, the less care effort will be needed. In addition, consideration should be given to water underwater and its cream. The pool's shape is better to choose simple, no sharp angles: in the form of valley, circle, square or rectangle.

КаркасныйThe simplest and cheapest way of a basin will be to cover the deepening of the earth with a special film. However, this building is not reliable and durable. Most owners prefer to build pools from concrete or polymer material.


Бетонная чашаA simple structure that is suitable for self-reliance is considered a carcass pool. It is a particular feature of the design, which consists of a metallic tube frame. The cup is trimmed with PVC films. Inside, it has a special cabin net that gives the material additional strength to the burst. Metal carcas retained water pressure.

It is scattered with some deepening in the ground or just on the surface. The pool area needs to be prepared: remove all the vegetation, and the bottom of the non-deep calf is to be cut and sand or graved. In some cases, even a concrete pillow is poured.

The whole surface is then wiped out by a heat and hydro insulation. It's best there's a penofol or a folitep. It's modern thermal insulation materials from an insurgent polyethylene covered by aluminium foil. Maths are stacked and stitched by building scotch.

Срез чаши бетонного бассейна схема Оборудование для бассейна Подготовка места Бетонирование

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