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To date: species diversity and stages of manufacture by hand
This article has helped many gardeners to stop climbing their precinct and to obtain generous harvests.
I never would have thought that in order to get a better harvest on your landing station for all my " good career " , I just need to stop plucking around and trust nature.
As long as I remember, every summer I've spent on my day. First for the parent, and then my husband and I bought mine. From the early spring to the late autumn, all the time left for planting, spraying, cutting, polishing, harvesting, and finally for conserving and trying to preserve the crop until next year. That's it. ♪ ♪

The benefits of plastic basins are indisputable. The choice of such a watermelon saves the cost of heat insulation, cleaning and repair work during operation. Plastic bases have an acceptable value that is accessible to a broad population. Finally, such pools look very attractive, because polypropylene has the ability not to accumulate dirt and splash on the surface.

At least the air basins are popular. They're also capable of stealing any precinct, and setting them very simple. Such receptacles are democratic and can be used for several decades.Строительство бассейнов приравнивается к строительству беседки или веранды на участке What other design options can be set up in turn, we'll look further.

Main varieties of basins on dates

How do you get your own pool? The most common way is to buy a complete and complete product. But the less is that not all the ready options are budgeted, and there is no guarantee that the purchase will be of good quality. Another way is to build a pool on your own. At first glance, this task may seem very difficult, but it is not very difficult to translate the dream of a watermelon to swim on its own date. It's about desire and commitment.

Бассейн для дачи является отличным способом превращения загородного участка в прекрасное место отдыха для всей семьиBasin with your hands. (video)

Such pools are suitable for delivery:

  • Carcass;
  • Inflatable;
  • glass fibre;
  • plastic;
  • concrete.

We'll consider each option in more detail.


A solid vessel whose installation does not take long. There's a lot of low-cost options on the market, but it's recommended that the average product be chosen because they'll serve you much longer. Some carcasing pools are delivered right off the stairs. Look, if there's no metal sheet in the walls, the design can break.

Каркасный бассейн – прочная емкость, установка которой не занимает много времениAir basins

Simple and cheap version, the advantage of which is the possibility of sufficiently easy displacement. The main benefits of such basins are low cost and simplicity. Typically, staircases, pumps and filters are in the kit. Less is not strong enough to break polyvinyl chloride can be a dog or a child.

Glass basins

This type of pool is very easy to mount. The design looks very beautiful, and it's easy to move temperatures. Unlimited operational life, no additional hydrosulation required, and low thermal conductivity ensures slow water cooling. The material from which the pool has been implemented is fully safe for human health.

Стекловолоконные бассейны очень легко монтируются Бетонный бассейн – самый трудозатратный вариант, но такая конструкция прочнее остальных и прослужит более долгий срок

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