Pool Supply and Maintenance


Как хорошо, когда на даче есть бассейн!I think a lot of people in hot summers want to get away from a loud and dusty town to rest at the water, to dip into the water, to eat on the beach. Or swimming in a pool after tedious work at a good place, what's better? It's a time of reunion that allows both the soul and the body to rest!

It's good when there's a swimming pool!
Unfortunately, not everyone has time to visit the beach. But if you have a long-distance plot, it's much easier to realize the dream of your own watermelon!

You can make it easy to build a pool on the Internet, a huge amount of information about how it works with your hands. Or buy-- now many firms offer a huge pool range.Стационарный бассейн It depends on your means and your location. In this article, I'll tell you about the different types of old pools. All right, let's go!

Dynamic basins can be both simple and complex in the installation. They're plastic and inflatable. There are also prefabricated and stationary. If you have a free place on the precinct, I suggest you order a stationary place.

Stationary basins

Special filtration and water heating equipment, hydromassage may be connected to such a basin.Пластиковая чаша бассейна But he has minus:
  • Many time is needed for installation;
  • Preparatory work is required;
  • The highest value of all the old pools.

Stationary basin

The buoyancy pool can be either concrete, pluged and buried in the ground with plastic (polipropylene) capacity. Such pools are long and strong thanks to polypropylene, which produces the cup itself.

Basin plastic cup

Plastic basins are based on a pre-prepared concrete base that is covered by thermal insulation and geotext.

Prefabricated basins

Could be buried in the ground or placed on the surface. If there is a free space, it is recommended that the pool be placed in the boiler. The design will not go into the eyes and possibly ruin the view.Каркасный бассейн If you have little kids, you just need to fence the pool to avoid accidents!

Carcass pool

Such basins have different forms: round, oval, rectangular and so on. The design is solid and durable. With regard to price: I think many can afford this kind of pool, especially during the summer period, when they have a very good discount.

Air basins

The most practical and lungs in the installation are small in storage, and the abundance of shapes and dimensions allows everyone to find a solution in the shower. If large poolIf the pump is to be pumped, it's better to use an electric pump.


Choose a suitable option for you. But remember, if you're not sure of your power to build or install a pool, it's definitely better to go to a profile firm, otherwise this whole thing will be a waste of time and money! And if you've decided to build or mount a pool on your own, don't forget that it's best to take a seven-fold and cut one time. Good luck!

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