Pool Supply and Maintenance

How Much Is It Worth To Build A Pool

With your hands on the pool pit

Пример будущего строенияHello, dear friends. The precinct is primarily associated with summer rest. What summer without a hot sun and a lovely watermelon?
There's a Chirk River in the vicinity of our long-distance settlement, and until now we spent time near the water. In time, unfortunately, the river started to dry. Most of the water goes to the ponds and almost nowhere to swim. This year, therefore, decided to work on the construction of a pool at a successful site.
As usual, they decided to build with your hands.♪ Without any theoretical knowledge, it is not worth starting without a plan of action. I have therefore invited the local slave to consult on the process of work required by the construction materials and to determine the costs.

Пример бассейнаI had a rough idea of the future building. At one of the day's meetings, we saw the pool of our chairman. I really liked him, and we decided to build it.

Prorabu said he wanted a pool of 3 m wide and 6 m long. The depth shall vary from 1, 5 m to 2 m, with an even change in depth from the edges of the basin. The side walls shall be at the level of the earth so as not to be Arab to the construction. We would like to emphasize the strength of the foundation and resilience to weather conditions.
Most of the pool will be used in the summer. The rest of the year must be protected from rainfall and unhindered vandalism.
It's a very important moment with water. I would not like this process to be delayed. We need a system to free the pool in a quarter hour.
Thought for a while, the slave started talking about the work.Процесс копания For these basin dimensions, a pit is 4 m wide, 7 m long and 2, 5 m deep. The water drain will be located under the pool. It will be in the form of a cylindra with a diameter of 1 m and a height of 2 m. The base and the mine will be connected with a pipe of " firewall " with a diameter of not less than 150 mm. The 36 m3 pool will be released in 20 minutes.
The first stage of work is the pumping of the basin pit. Once the pit is dignified, it is necessary to dig the mine at the bottom of the pit. Prorab offered his services for 500,000 SUM (approximately 6,250 roubles). I thanked you for the offer and paid for the consultation. Subsequent steps will be covered in the following thematic articles. In this article, I'll tell you how we dig the pool hole.

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