Pool Supply and Maintenance

How To Make A Pool

How do you put the pool with your hands?

I've been thinking about making a swimming pool. 'Cause I've always wanted to bite or even swim after a bath or just on a hot day, while walking on a pond for my family is an event. Although it's been a long time since I had the opportunity to make it and my free space at the precinct, we only took the job last summer when the pool was asked by the kids.

Of course, first I had to figure out the type of pool. Having studied the necessary information and the photos on the Internet, I found that the choice would have to be basically between three types of pools:


There's probably a pool in every private house. When the older son was three, we bought that kind of kid's pool for him. To do so, it often seems to be the best option, especially since there are large air basins.


Carcass pools are a more serious decision. Despite relative mobility and ease of installation, they are much more resistant to mechanical effects.

Accumulated basins

Capture basins may appear to be too complex in the construction and inaccessible, but many would prefer to have a fixed pool on the way.

The suffocation option was wiped out, as it seemed to be insufficiently " crowded " children. Besides, I realized he might be a little unreliable. Husband advocated a carcasing pool saying that his acquisition would not hit the family budget. But I've already started a serious job, so, for the joy of the children, I've decided to tilt up a fixed pool at my station. Well, I've had time and money for construction.

Preparing and digging

Despite the fact that I had plans, we'd say Napoleonian, I've decided to appreciate my strength in a sound manner. That's why, by choosing the pool form, I stopped at the rectangular because I realized that otherwise I would have to do too much extra work. First of all, we had to dig the quoted:

  • Using the cats and the rope, I set out the location of the future pool. Then I stepped down halfway, and I got the boundaries of the future boot.
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