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Yearly Construction Of Houses

Small house projects

The catalogue of each construction company has a section on small houses. Small house projects tend to be demanded by people who dream of a comfortable, happy vacation house. Urban construction is more likely to involve mansard and single-stage projects.

The high ergonomic of space is considered to be a distinct feature of such projects, allowing the effective use of each square metre.

Of the virtues of small houses, it is also worth noting the economic benefits of separation and maintenance. Small sizes of the house are bottches for non-standard or small land.

The demand for such things has been growing lately. The trend in the predominant acquisition of houses to 100 square metres is due to high land prices and construction materials. Small cottages are very popular in European countries because of the land deficit. Small house stacks are well housed in sections 5 to 10. The high demand for small houses inspired architects to create a large number of architectural styles and exterrestrial designs.

Small houses as guest houses

In today ' s rhythm of life, the peri-urban way of life is more relevant than ever, and sometimes the hosts require a higher level of comfort. Pretty often after completion Country Housethe building of a household and a household is being built at the site: garage, conversation, summer kitchen, bath or guest house.

Additional guest houses are usually organized by very generous masters who care to preserve the habitual rhythm of life. The comfort projects of small houses will be a great place of rest not only for guests, but also for many relatives who like to meet on a great date. Often, guest houses are combined with summer kitchens or other structures to save land.

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